Personnel Administration

  • Get an overview of the organization by creating a visual, hierarchical model of the organizational structure and the links between employees and departments.
  • Delegate administration tasks by letting employees update information about themselves, and give managers the opportunity to perform tasks on behalf of the employees in the department.
  • Understand the organization better by using the analysis tools in Hermana.
Personnel Administration

Self-service increases engagement

Hermana uses a central repository for employee data. All modules in Hermana are linked to this, so that the modules use the most current employee information at all times. By using the self-service module, employees have access to information about themselves as well as the option to update this. This is an effective way to keep employee information updated.

By using the self-service module for managers, managers can easily update and manage employee information as well as perform tasks on behalf of the employees in their own department. In addition, managers have access to analytical information about their department. This information provides managers with a better understanding and a good foundation for decision making.

Get an overview of the organization

The organizational chart in Hermana is used to visualize the structure of the organization, which employees belong to the different units or departments, and whom each employee reports to. This is relevant for example when approving timesheets, conducting appraisals and preparing development plans.

Share information effectively

Employee information and information about the organizational structure can be shared with other IT systems using the integration capabilities of Hermana. Hermana is built on an open standard (HR-XML), developed by the HR Open Standards Consortium. This is a non-profit organization, which has developed a standard for data exchange between HR systems.

Other features

Personnel Administration

Personnel Administration

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Performance Management

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