Employee Benefits

  • Retain talented employees by offering them more than just salary.
  • Keep track of who has borrowed what.
Employee Benefits

Retain good employees

Employee benefits are work-related compensations that are provided by the employer to employees in addition to the regular wages, such as a company car, bonus, low-interest loans or a savings plan. The granting of employee benefits may be part of the business strategy in order to attract the best employees and to retain key employees. Hermana supports handling of employee benefits such as stock options at a discount rate, savings plans and lending of company property.

Control over lending

The lending register may for example be used to record which assets a new employee receives at the start of employment, such as keys, access card, cell phone, computer and the like. The register includes information on when the asset was delivered and when it should be returned to the employer. Employees receive automatically a notification when the lending deadline approaches.

Other features

Personnel Administration

Personnel Administration

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Performance Management

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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits


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