Hermana is an integrated system for key HR functions. All modules have the same look and feel and are easy to learn and easy to master.


Fewer systems make it easier for users

Hermana is an integrated HR system that consists of several modules, such as time registration, performance and development plans, performance appraisals and recruitment. One of the objectives of Hermana is that it supports the most common HR processes at any time. So, if you currently use a variety of HR systems from different vendors, it is worth considering whether Hermana can replace some of these systems.

Easy to use and easy to learn

The modules in Hermana look the same and have the same usage pattern, this facilitates the learning process for users. Another important aspect in Hermana is that the system is built on an open integration standard. This makes it much easier to exchange data with other systems. Note also that in Hermana, all data can be used in an integration with other systems.

Is there functionality in Hermana you are missing or do you want to keep some of your current HR systems? The excellent support for interoperability in Hermana makes it possible to assemble a portfolio of HR systems, the way you want.


Hermana is a business application in the cloud that offers the mobility many want. Perform your working tasks over the internet using a PC, tablet or mobile phone.


Hermana is an HR-system that can easily be adapted to the needs in your organization. You have full control over access rights and the design of reports and web pages.


The essence in Hermana is the exchange of information between systems. The basis is HR-XML - an open standard developed by the HR Open Standards Consortium.


Personnel Administration

Personnel Administration

Employee Master Data


Document archive

Interactive organizational chart



Job Advertisement



On- and Offboarding

Performance Management

Performance Management

Skills and Competencies

Personal Development Plan

Performance and Goals

Performance Appraisals

Absence and Time

Absence and Time

Time Tracking

Vacation and Sick leave

Travel Expenses

Expense Reimbursement

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits


Employee Savings Plan

Employee Stock Plan

Lending Registration