The essence in Hermana is the exchange of information between systems. The basis is HR-XML - an open standard developed by the HR Open Standards Consortium.

Share information effectively

Hermana meets the need to easily integrate HR software with other IT systems. These may for example be financial systems, payroll systems, or other HR systems. A good technical cooperation between systems contributes to greater efficiency because data is transferred automatically from one system to another. Copying data manually is no longer required.

Exchange of information between systems only works when the same technical standard for communication is being used. The most optimal is to use a standard that is freely accessible (an open standard), so that you are not dependent on your software vendors in order to set up an integration. Hermana is built on an open standard (HR-XML) developed by the HR Open Standards Consortium. This is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to develop a standard for the exchange of data between HR systems.

A renowned industry standard

Read more about the HR-XML specification on the website of the HR Open Standards Consortium and discover how this standard simplifies data sharing with HR systems. Hermana uses HR-XML version 3.3.

Personnel Administration
Employee Master Data
Document archive
Interactive organizational chart
Job Advertisement
On- and Offboarding
Performance Management
Skills and Competencies
Personal Development Plan
Performance and Goals
Performance Appraisals
Absence and Time
Time Tracking
Vacation and Sick leave
Travel Expenses
Expense Reimbursement
Employee Benefits
Employee Savings Plan
Employee Stock Plan
Lending Registration