Performance Management

  • Foster greater commitment by establishing individual goals that are aligned with the goals that apply to the department or the entire organization.
  • Improve performance by tracking and evaluating goal completion, and by assessing the employee's performance in a comprehensive manner.
  • Develop a consistent terminology to discuss performance and feedback across the entire organization.
Performance Management

Increased performance by creating an Objectives Plan

One of the many important tasks of a manager is to follow up employees and to make sure that work is performed satisfactorily. Performance management is about assessing and ensuring performance, and to correct along the way to ensure that everyone is heading in the same direction. For this, managers need tools to monitor employees in an appropriate manner.

Performance Management in Hermana gives managers the ability to monitor employees and their performance, and provides an overview of what is needed to perform better. The manager prepares an Objectives Plan in Hermana, in close cooperation with the employee. The Objectives Plan contains personal objectives that are related to the overall objectives of the organization. The objectives are broken down into tasks, which the employee regularly provides feedback on in Hermana, so that the manager can keep track of progress.

A Personal Development Plan to increase competence

One of the prerequisites for good performance is that employees have the required skills. If an employee needs for example training courses or postgraduate education, then the manager and the employee prepare a Personal Development Plan in Hermana. This plan describes the tasks to be undertaken, at what time and what results are expected. Here too, the employee can provide feedback to the manager on a regular basis.

Evaluation of objectives achievement in the performance appraisal

The Personal Development Plan and Objectives Plan are subjects of discussion during a performance appraisal between the manager and the employee. During the performance appraisal, the results the employee has achieved are being discussed, and plans are updated in Hermana. In addition, other topics are often discussed, like working climate, cooperation, enjoyment etc. Questions related to such topics are stored in Hermana, as well as the feedback from the employee.

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