Absence and Time Management

  • Get control over project costs by timely collecting data on hours and expenses incurred during the project period.
  • Keep track of the number of hours each employee has been working using the reports in Hermana.
  • Stay informed about when employees are on leave or sick and make sure the leave and absence balance stays within set limits.
Absence and Time Management

Get control over the organization's resource use

In the time tracking module in Hermana, employees maintain their hours worked per day themselves. The hours are booked easily on customer projects, departments, internal work or absence. The time tracking module is an important element to achieve a structured administration of the organization's resource use. This contributes to an orderly customer invoicing and correct salary payments. Like all other modules in Hermana, time registration can be performed on both PC, tablet and smartphone. Hence, employees can tracktheir working hours anytime amd anywhere.

Employees register own absence themselves

The time tracking module takes into account sickness, holiday, time off in lieu or other forms of absence an employee has registered in the absence registration module. The absence module in Hermana maintains balances for various types of absence, and provides feedback when registered absence approaches predefined limits. These limit values may be common throughout the organization, but may also be defined specifically for each individual department.

When the employee has registered a timesheet or a holiday request, then this is sent to the immediate supervisor for approval. Hermana supports various types of workflow for approval of requests and registrations - this may include line managers, project managers, deputies and the HR department.

Reimbursement of travel expenses and other outlays

In the time tracking module in Hermana, employees can also enter travel expenses and outlays for lunch or similar expenses. Travel expenses and reimbursement of outlays follow the same workflow for approval as timesheets. The basis for payment of reimbursements to the employee is easily transferred to a salary system using reports in Hermana or through an integration based on the open HR-XML integration standard.

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