User friendly for job seekers

Recruitment is all about attracting, evaluating, screening and selecting a qualified person for a position. Hermana supports this process by providing functionality to prepare and publish job descriptions, interact with external providers who carry out assessment programs and screenings, and for implementing onboaring programs for new employees.

Jobseekers can upload their application and CV right into Hermana, allowing both line-manager and HR manager to follow up applicants immediately. Hermana supports import of CV information from LinkedIn®, the Portable CV and the Europass CV. This simplifies the registration task for jobseekers considerably. Webpages for jobseekers are easy to customize, so that the organization can use its own company profile and give applicants a good first impression of the workplace.

Cooperation with third-parties

For a growing number jobs, a background check of applicants is required. The organization may choose to do this in-house or to entrust a specialized company to perform this task. Hermana supports electronic communications with third parties that are specialized in screenings. Result reports from these third parties are automatically entered into the applicant's dossier, so that line-manager and HR professional can take the report into account when evaluating an applicant. Hermana has similar functionality for performing assessments. Here too, the organization may choose to cooperate with a third party or perform the assessment program in-house.

Offer an onboarding program to new employees

When the applicant has been employed, then the employee will be automatically transferred to the onboarding module in Hermana. In this module, new employees are guided through a series of tasks, in which they learn about the organization and key administrative procedures.

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